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Other Services

Consulting click for more info

If you are not sure what type of services you need, we are happy to offer our consulting services to help you decide the best and most cost-effective way to complete your project.

Multimedia Development click for more info

We can help you with audio, video, and image editing projects, clip creation, etc.

Audio: Editing/ Enhancing | Clip Creation | Digitalizing

Image: Batch Editing/ Enhancing

Video: Editing | Clip Creation

Interactive: DVD Menus | CD-Rom Presentations

Photography click for more info

Our photographic services:

Custom Assignments

Sometimes you just cannot find the image you need from stock photo archives and stores.

When that happens, we can help you by taking the custom tailored image you need.

Photo Shoots

Are you thinking of selling your house, a car or any other products?

Would you like to have your event photographed?

We offer on-site photoshoots in our area.

See some of our photographic work in these sites: www.hkdivine.com and www.artmerge.net

Translation click for more info

Being able to reach more people by having your website available in more than one language is definitely an advantage.

We offer translation services from Spanish <-> English, Portuguese <-> English, Spanish <-> Portuguese by experienced translators who are native speakers.

Our translation services are not limited to websites, so if you are looking for a translator, contact us and we can help you.

Web Hosting click for more info

We offer small Web Hosting solutions for the clients with low bandwidth and web space needs who don’t want to deal with the hassles of contracting a Web Hosting company.

Website Maintenance click for more info

Once you have a website, updating it will be unavoidable.

If you need minor changes every once and a while, or to add new pages and funcionality, we can definitely help.

Our Website Maintenance services can be applied even if your website hasn't been developed by us.

In service

We offer services other than web design, web development, and graphic design; ranging from multimedia projects, such as video editing and DVD menu creation, to translation and website maintenance.

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