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Dear Clients and Friends,

From the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is making its transition though Spring and together with it, comes the prospect of having more time and opportunities to enjoy the company of family, friends and nature.

Spring is a time of increasing warmth, fertility, friendship, and prosperity, and a great moment to make room for the new and let go of the old. In this process, we prepare our houses and businesses for the new season.

It is a great time to clean our homes thouroughly, redecorate, prepare the guest rooms, plant some trees in the garden, dust off the hammocks and grills and have them ready for the beautiful, long sunny days! Of course, most important of all, is to also make changes to improve our biggest “house”: Planet Earth. In this new season, we can make a pledge to ourselves to improve our impact on the environment, and begin carrying it out.

It is also a great time to redecorate and “spring clean” your business, and it is an even better time to make some changes and “open the doors” for the new. You can plan new innovative strategies and ideas and put them into action, make your business carbon neutral, plant trees to support our Planet and your business image, create a new corporative image, create fresh new publicity, redesign your website, or “refresh” the content and images in it, create a new intro or section, or if you do not have a site, create one!

We at Immerse in Art are here to help you to get ready for this great summer! We are more than happy to assist you in the creation and/or development of any graphic or web design projects you may have, and if you choose to go green, we offer great discounts to support you in your efforts!

You can contact us through our contact page or request a free quote from our home page.

Love and blessings,


Hari & Aleph Baumbach

Header photo: Bloom in South Ferry Park, New York.


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