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Dear Clients and Friends,

Traveling to and living in different parts of the world can really give you a more profound perspective on culture, society and life in general.

As much as we may think that life is different in other countries or regions, there are always some evident similarities that bring us together somehow.

Technology has made distances seem smaller, at least from a communication stand point. This is an important time in history. A time in which global matters are becoming more of a priority and humanity as a whole is in many ways coming together.

This is when so many innovations have come in to play to help us keep in touch with what's happening around the world, keep in contact our families or with our business associates regardless of where they are physically.

If you are interested in expanding your arrays of communication, we are at your service, so please let us know.

Love and blessings,


Hari & Aleph Baumbach

Header photo: Aztec Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico.


Skype is a great communication tool. It offers free pc-to-pc calls and low cost calls around the world (among many other services). It is a cost-effective way to keep in contact with "your world" no matter where you are.

Visit Skype Skype's website

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