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A creative and reliable team

Immerse In Art is not a big company, but a team of two freelance web developers, graphic designers, and artists.

Our love for art, design, and technology was what inspired us to transform our long lived hobby into a business.

Values & Social and Environmental Responsibility

We specialize serving small businesses, individuals, and non-profits.

We want to inspire others to make conscious changes in their lives and businesses for the "greater good".

As human beings, there is nothing more important to us than this amazing planet we live on and the living beings sharing life with us.

We are constantly participating in and looking for new ways to help improve the lives of others around us directly or indirectly.

In addition to making changes to our own personal lives, we have taken a step further by offering special discounts to clients that opt to make conscious social and/ or ecological changes to the way their businesses work.

Web Design and Multimedia Development

When developing a web presence, one of our main goals is to find a solution that will both suit the client and their budget while also providing enough flexibility and ease for updates and maintenance.

We want the websites we develop to be compatible, flexible, easy to find, and aesthetically pleasing.

We work almost 100% of the time with Open Source software, which currently provides a vast array of solutions for virtually any kind of project and is a great alternative for the former monopoly of expensive softwares.

Technology has come a long way since we designed our first website, so we strive to stay updated with all the growth and changes of the World Wide Web. Keeping the "bigger picture" in mind in this "world" of transformation is of extreme importance to us.

With that in mind, we have been developing nearly all web design and development projects in accordance to the Web Standards defined by the W3C.

Graphic Design & Corporate Image Development

We suggest layouts that are intuitively and logistically designed to deliver clear and aesthetically appealing messages.

When creating graphics, our goal is to keep a clear and flexible approach in meeting the client's expectations while also using our creativity and artistic vision.

Creating a visual identity is an important step for any company or business. In many cases this process is taken for granted, but the majority of successful companies are immediately recognized by their visual identity. With that in mind, we take the brand development of any company very seriously. For us it is a process of deeply understanding what our client's company stands for and what their services represent.


If you are not sure what type of services you need, we are happy to offer our consulting services to help you decide the best and most cost-effective way to complete your project.

There is nothing more important than this. Reduce your CO2 emission now. Plant trees. Walk more and drive less. Recycle. Conserve electricity and water. We can all together help to preserve & protect our amazing planet!

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